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The story or novel serialization whose link you have selected is in public domain in the USA, having been published before the end of 1928.

If USA copyright law applies to you, you can access the linked stories at Madame Eulalie's Rare Plums. Some additional Wodehouse stories and novels in US public domain can be found at Project Gutenberg, but I am not now attempting to maintain links to their files, as it is easy to search for Wodehouse works on their site. And be aware that some of their files are reproduced from recent reprints (such as Penguin paperbacks) rather than from original editions, so there are some format changes and typographical errors which they often carry over into their electronic texts. As a member of the Madame Eulalie team, I won't claim that our files are perfect, but we do work from original publications (or images of them) and strive to match them as exactly as possible.

If your country adheres to the life-of-the-author-plus-70-years copyright conventions for stories published long ago, you'll find that many of the older stories have been collected into book form; if you're seeking older editions, see the codes at the right column of the story page and the listing of collection titles and publishers at the bottom of that page. A list of recent Wodehouse-estate-authorized hardcover and paperback publications of Wodehouse works is online at Madame Eulalie: Buy PGW Books