Who’s Who in Wodehouse

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On my Wodehouse web pages and at recent conventions of The Wodehouse Society, an updated edition of Daniel H. Garrison’s Who’s Who in Wodehouse had been announced as “forthcoming.” As with all projects of this sort, the final one percent of the task took more time to accomplish than it should, but the book is finally ready for sale.

The Second Edition was published by Dan in 1989; I met him in 1993 at the San Francisco convention of TWS and had him sign my copy. At the 2015 Pseattle convention we agreed that a new edition was in order and soon began collaborating over the Internet on the Third Expanded Edition.

The cover of the new work contains an explanation of what this is all about:


Here are some excerpts from the book in PDF format:

We want this to be a resource for all Wodehouse fans, so for the present, the prices are set as low as possible just to cover costs of publication. For now, you will need to order directly from the print-on-demand services of Lulu.com (not from us!). At some future date, we may make the book available via Amazon and other online retailers, but since they add a considerable markup, the price will then have to be much higher. The ISBN in the image above is reserved for the large paperback now, but will not be a useful search term until the book goes into wider retail distribution.

Below are links to order each of the three formats from Lulu. Prices are shown here in US dollars, but Lulu will present them in your local currency when you follow the links below. If you register as a user at lulu.com, they will send you occasional emails with short-lived coupon codes for 10%, 15% or even 20% discounts, so even these prices can be a bit lower.

Trade paperback: 6 by 9 inches, 400 pages, perfect bound paperback: $12.50 (plus tax and shipping)


Hardback: 6 by 9 inches, 400 pages, case-wrap (glossy printed cover on boards, no dust jacket): $19.99 (plus tax and shipping)


Large paperback: 8.5 by 11 inches, 410 pages, perfect bound paperback, 14-point text size: $15.99 (plus tax and shipping)


Neil Midkiff
16 February 2020, updated 15 May 2023