Stories from Ainslee’s Magazine (US)


Out of School — September 1909

The Gem Collector — December 1909

“The Gem Collector” is an early version of the novel A Gentleman of Leisure (also published as The Intrusion of Jimmy). This version (of novella length) takes place entirely in England, and substantial changes, including some major revisions to the characters’ histories, interactions, and motivations, were made for the hardcover novel appearance.

✎ The Prince and Betty — January 1912

The first magazine appearance of this novel, in a version never previously reprinted to our knowledge, and much longer than the Strand serialization. ✎ See notes at end of story for more detail.

Ruth in Exile — August 1912

✎ The Romance of an Ugly Policeman — April 1915

This previously uncollected version continues with an additional scene, past the point at which the Strand magazine and The Man With Two Left Feet book versions of the story conclude. ✎ See notes at end of story for more.

Out of School — February 1926

✎ The Romance of an Ugly Policeman — September 1926