The Globe (UK)


The P. G. Wodehouse Globe Reclamation Project is discovering long-neglected items by Wodehouse from the Globe newspaper itself; the Project Menu on this site presents these discoveries as they are identified and transcribed.


In June 1908, Wodehouse and Herbert Westbrook produced The Globe By The Way Book—A Literary Quick-Lunch for People Who Have Got Only Five Minutes to Spare, a compendium of illustrated humorous topical features designed as an impulse buy for the railway book trade.


We present one of those features in full: Women, Wine and Song! is a playful, madcap pastiche of Victorian melodrama and the cliff-hanging adventure serials of P. G. Wodehouse’s youth.


In addition, John Dawson’s article “Deconstructing The Globe By The Way Book provides further history of the book, excerpts, and annotations to many of its topical references.


During Wodehouse’s work on the By the Way column, his contributions to the newspaper columns were unsigned, thus requiring the research efforts of the Globe Reclamation Project to uncover them. One signed article, “Abe,” from September 3, 1910, has just been found in newly available online scans of the paper; it gives his impressions of the New York literary agent to whom the manuscript of Love Among the Chickens was entrusted.