Books in print


If you have enjoyed reading the works of P. G. Wodehouse on this site, we urge you to consider buying copies of his books, most of which are still in print.

In the UK, Random House publishes hardcover editions under the Everyman's Library imprint, while paperback editions are available from the Arrow Books imprint.

In the USA, the Overlook Press produces hardcover editions which are practically identical to the Everyman's version, while W. W. Norton produces paperback editions, though they concentrate mostly on the later books.

The list below shows the novels and story collections containing pre-1923 material (nearly all of which is presented on this site) and currently available in print (updated 21 October 2016):


TitleUK pubEverymanArrow OverlookNorton
The Pothunters1902
A Prefect's Uncle1903
Tales of St. Austin's†1903
The Gold Bat1904
The Head of Kay's1905
Love Among the Chickens1906
The White Feather1907
Not George Washington1907
The Luck Stone1908
Mike at Wrykyn1909
Mike and Psmith1909
A Gentleman of Leisure1910
Psmith in the City1910
The Prince and Betty1912
The Little Nugget1913
The Man Upstairs†1914
Something Fresh1915
Psmith, Journalist1915
Uneasy Money1917
Piccadilly Jim1917
The Man With Two Left Feet†1917
My Man Jeeves†1919
A Damsel in Distress1919
Jill the Reckless1920
The Coming of Bill1920
Indiscretions of Archie1921
The Clicking of Cuthbert†1922
The Girl on the Boat1922
The Adventures of Sally1922
The Inimitable Jeeves*1923
Carry On, Jeeves*1925
Kid Brady stories and
A Man of Means‡
The Swoop! and
The Military Invasion of America‡
Tales of Wrykyn‡various

†story collection
*containing stories published in magazines before 1923
‡new hardcover compilations of pre-1923 stories


In addition to the regular titles, Arrow, W. W. Norton, and Random House (Hutchinson) publish omnibus collections of PGW's books and stories. They also sell legitimate electronic copies for use with modern devices such as ebook readers, mobile phones, laptops etc.

Be cautious about purchasing books and e-books from unknown publishers; many quickly-produced editions are derived from public domain Internet sources such as Project Gutenberg texts. Many of these are published without careful editing or proofreading. Purchasing these benefits neither the reader nor the Wodehouse estate, and their distribution outside the USA is generally not legal anyway.

Piracy is a crime which impacts everyone. With the loss of appropriate revenue both the publishers who print the books and the authors who create them will be adversely affected, and ultimately, the consumer will be affected due to dearth of creativity.

We are pleased to offer the public domain (in the United States) materials on this site in the hope that it will inspire people to seek out other Wodehouse books. We in no way encourage breaking the copyright laws of any country.

Please do contact your local booksellers, or the online retailers who serve your particular country, and keep buying real books!