From Pole to Poll.

Vanity Fair (UK), January 18, 1906

(Lieutenant Shackleton, of the Discovery, is contesting Dundee).

Strange how your strenuous Jack’ll turn
 To jobs outside his daily work.
Observe! Lieutenant Shackleton
 Election worries does not shirk.
It seems that his adventurous soul
Is still attracted by the Poll.



Printed unsigned in Vanity Fair; entered by Wodehouse in Money Received for Literary Work as “From Pole to Pole.”

Prompted by this news item:

A heckler asked Lieutenant Shackleton at Dundee if he approved of Poles being allowed to work in mines. Lieutenant Shackleton replied that he would shift every Pole. (A Voice: "The North Pole?" and laughter.)
  (Leeds Mercury, 11 January 1906)