Men of the Moment.

Vanity Fair (UK), June 21, 1906

There is a great man called Le Queux,
Who I think is quite clever, don’t yeux?
 “From me, if you want it,” he
 Says, “you get quantity,
And very good quality, teux.”



Printed unsigned in Vanity Fair; entered by Wodehouse as “Two Limericks” for this issue in Money Received for Literary Work.



William Le Queux was a prolific writer of thrillers, mysteries and tales of espionage. His best-known works are the German invasion fantasies The Great War in England in 1897 and The Invasion of 1910. See “Journalistic Jottings” February 1908, Books of To-day for another reference to him. See also the notes to For Love or Honour.


John Dawson