The Books of To-day and the Books of To-morrow, January 1905


MR. PINERO     .  .  .  . To dramatise the Golliwog books.

MR. BAILEY     .  .  .  . To go home.


MR. EUSTACE H. MILES   .  .To avoid the pleasures of the table, and to restrict himself to three peanuts and a plasmon biscuit per diem.

MR. HENRY ARTHUR JONES    .To try to learn to love Mr. Beerbohm Tree.

MR. BEERBOHM TREE    .  .To avoid performances of ‘The Tempest in a Teacup.’

MR. ARTHUR COLLINS   .  .To justify the statement that ‘The White Cat’ is a pantomime for children by introducing a perfectly sober character.

THE PROPHET DOWIE   .  .To open a subscription fund for supplying Zion City with a Tatcho reservoir.

MR. TIM HEALY .  .  .  .To smoke nothing but the new Irish-grown tobacco in the House of Commons smoking-room.

THE UNIONIST PARTY   .  .To avoid the House of Commons smoking-room.

THE LIBERAL PARTY     .  .To avoid the House of Commons smoking-room.

MR. WINSTON CHURCHILL  . To avoid the House of Commons smoking-room.

MR. C. A. PEARSON    .  .  .To keep his Standard flying.

MR. EVAN ROBERTS  .  .  .To refuse a place in the Welsh fifteen.

MR. RUDYARD KIPLING    .  . To publish an English translation of his later works.

The MARQUESS of ANGLESEY . To purchase (on credit) four hundred emotional waistcoats.

PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT  .  .To wonder why somebody doesn’t do some­thing about the Trusts.

MR. W. T. STEAD .  .  .  .To collaborate with Mr. Pinero in his Golliwog play.



Printed unsigned; entered by Wodehouse in Money Received for Literary Work.


“The Lyceum, Daly’s, and Drury Land are, at present, doing the best business in London, with the Aldwych as ‘runner-up.’ But, of course, the Lyceum is booming, for it can boast of the finest Press agent yet discovered—Mr. Hall Caine—who, as a boomster, would surely get top-weight in any Press handicap.” (Penny Illustrated Paper, September 28, 1907)