The Books of To-day and the Books of To-morrow, January 1908

New Year Resolutions.

Mr. G. H. Druce   .  .  .‘Not to be so easily lead. Not to give way to vaulting ambition.’

Miss Pankhurst  .  .  . ‘To keep on the move.’

Mr. Asquith  .  .  .  .‘To Emigrate.’

Mr. Birrell  .  .  .  .‘To Emigrate.’

Mr. L. Harcourt   .  .  . ‘To Emigrate.’

Lieutenant Woods  .  .  .‘To write a military novel.’

Mr. Harold Begbie  .  .  .‘To learn to love Mr. Hall Caine.’

Mr. Hall Caine   .  .  .‘To cure himself of a tendency to dislike Mr. Harold Begbie.’

Spring Onions .  .  .  .‘To be in the fashion, and become a Druce claimant.’

President Roosevelt   .  .‘To do something about the Trusts.’

Mr. Arthur Collins    .  .‘To send Messrs. Smith & Carpenter seats for the Drury Lane Pantomime, with his love.’

Messrs. Smith & Carpenter . ‘To send Mr. Arthur Collins seats for the Lyceum Pantomime, with their love.’

Mr. Seymour Hicks   .  . ‘To take plenty of exercise.’

Miss Zena Dare  .  .  . ‘To write her autobiography.’

Master Max Darewski  .  . ‘To buy a larger hat.’

Mr. Alfred Austin  .  .  . ‘To take to Limericks.’

Mr. W. T. Stead  .  .  .‘To join the Navy League.’

Mr. Paul Taylor  .  .  .‘To ask in Court, ‘What is this Brown Dog you speak about?’

Mlle. Genée  .  .  .  .‘To come back to England as soon as possible.’

Sir John Hare    .  .  . ‘To keep on growing younger.’

Mr. Algernon Ashton  .  .‘To retire.’

Mr. Bernard Shaw  .  .  .‘To be retiring.’



Printed unsigned; entered by Wodehouse in Money Received for Literary Work as ‘New Years Resolutions.’