Daily Chronicle, September 10, 1902

O, bright is the sun, and oh! blue are the skies,
 And balmy the air, that once froze, is;
And it’s pleasant to watch the thermometer rise,
 And to feel there’s a chance for our roses.
No longer we gaze on a sky overcast,
 No longer in overcoats shiver.
The Autumn is here, and the Summer is past,
 So sing hey! for a trip on the river.

How pleasant it is to be warm, and how nice
 To be quit of the wind and its raw gust.
How pleasant once more to appreciate ice—
 We couldn’t have done it in August.
In blazer and flannels we go on our way,
 And gaily our best Panama don.
The Summer is over at last, so sing hey!
 For afternoon tea in the garden.

The Autumn has come, and the pavements are dry,
 The streets not disgracefully sloppy.
And I notice that gnats are beginning to fly.
 It is glorious. (Summer, please copy.)
So let everyone gratefully think of the store
 Of blessings September has brought ’em,
Let us trust they will last, and sing hey! (as before),
 And drink to the health of the Autumn.

P. G. W.