It so often pans out that way when you begin a story. You whizz off the mark all pep and ginger, like a mettlesome charger going into its routine, and the next thing you know, the customers are up on their hind legs, yelling for footnotes.

—Bertie Wooster’s narration in Chapter One of The Mating Season (1949)


The members of the Yahoo! Blandings group have, for many years, undertaken the mammoth task of annotating Wodehouse’s books. The late Terry Mordue presented his portion of the work on his own website, now hosted here at Madame Eulalie. But there are, and hopefully will continue to be, others in the field as well — Mark Hodson, John Dawson, Ian Michaud, Lynn Vesley-Gross, and others as listed below have made contributions to this effort.

We present a list of the annotations here, for easy access. In addition, some of the serializations on this site have been annotated; links to the opening episodes of those are preceded by the symbol ✏ in the list below. Annotations to the short stories on this site are continually being added as well; the symbol ✎ in the menus for each periodical indicates an item with significant end notes. Contact us if you are interested in contributing to the annotation effort.


The PothuntersAnnotated by AK and others

✏ Love Among the Chickens (1908–09 serial)Annotated by Neil Midkiff

Love Among the Chickens (1921 revision)Annotated by Terry Mordue

✏ The Intrusions of Jimmy (1910 serial, later published as A Gentleman of Leisure)Annotated by Neil Midkiff

Psmith in the CityAnnotated by Mark Hodson

Something FreshAnnotated by Terry Mordue

A Damsel in DistressAnnotated by Terry Mordue & Mark Hodson

The Clicking of CuthbertAnnotated by Terry Mordue

The Girl on the BoatAnnotated by Mark Hodson

✏ The Adventures of Sally (1921 serial)Annotated by Neil Midkiff

The Inimitable JeevesAnnotated by Mark Hodson

Leave It to PsmithAnnotated by Terry Mordue & Mark Hodson

UkridgeAnnotated by Mark Hodson

Carry On, JeevesAnnotated by Mark Hodson

Sam the SuddenAnnotated by Terry Mordue

Money for NothingAnnotated by Mark Hodson

Summer LightningAnnotated by Mark Hodson

Hot WaterAnnotated by Mark Hodson

Thank You, JeevesAnnotated by Mark Hodson; updated and expanded by Neil Midkiff and others

Right Ho, JeevesAnnotated by Dan; updated and expanded by Neil Midkiff and others

Blandings Castle and ElsewhereAnnotated by Mark Hodson; updated and expanded by Neil Midkiff and others

The Luck of the BodkinsAnnotated by Mark Hodson

Young Men in SpatsAnnotated by Mark Hodson

Laughing GasAnnotated by John Dawson

Lord Emsworth and OthersAnnotated by Mark Hodson

The Crime Wave at BlandingsAnnotated by Mark Hodson

Summer MoonshineAnnotated by Terry Mordue

The Code of the WoostersAnnotated by Terry Mordue

Uncle Fred in the SpringtimeAnnotated by Mark Hodson

Money in the BankAnnotated by Terry Mordue

The Mating SeasonAnnotated by John Dawson

Nothing SeriousAnnotated by Ian West & Mark Hodson

Cocktail TimeAnnotated by Mark Hodson

Ice in the BedroomAnnotated by Ian Michaud and Lynn Vesley-Gross

The Girl in BlueAnnotated by Ian Michaud and Lynn Vesley-Gross


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