Items from The Boys’ Friend newspaper (UK)


Six short stories about schoolboys were reprinted in this newspaper during November and December 1922; we have scans from two of them, the first and last of the series:

  ✎ The Locksley Lines Supplying Trust, Ltd. - November 18, 1922

Originally published as “A Corner in Lines”

  ✎ The Schemer! - December 23, 1922

Originally published as “The Autograph Hunter”


In addition, “The Cure of the Slackers” appeared on November 25 (originally appearing as “The Reformation of Study Sixteen”);
“Pillingshot’s First Case” appeared on December 2 (“Pillingshot, Detective”);
“Scent Per Scent” appeared on December 9 (“Homœopathic Treatment”);
“The Bluff that Failed” appeared on December 16 (“Stone and the Weed”).


The novel The Gold Bat was serialized in this paper under the title By Order of the League! in eight installments, of which scans of only two have so far been located. The first episode is transcribed here:

  By Order of the League! part 1 - January 6, 1923

This episode has some cuts and some minor changes of a purely copy-editorial variety, with no reason to suspect Wodehouse’s hand in the process, and no significant new material. The seventh episode, from February 17, 1923, can be seen at the Friardale site.