Stories from Cosmopolitan

The list below includes all of Wodehouse’s stories that appeared in Cosmopolitan through 1928. Later stories are still in USA copyright, so cannot be included here. Stories with annotations are flagged with the symbol ✎ below.


The magazine announced the beginning of their initial series of Wodehouse stories with a remarkable comparison:

Gus Caywood notes that Wodehouse remembered this blurb when writing the preface to the 1969 Herbert Jenkins reissue of Uneasy Money, although he tells the story there as if they had taken only one story in 1910 rather than the first four listed below. “And the Cosmopolitan in its blurb when my little thing was published had said that the public would be well advised to watch my progress, as in their opinion I was going to be a second O. Henry. Well, I was perfectly willing to be a second O. Henry, but the Cosmopolitan would not do its share. You can’t be a second O. Henry if editors will not co-operate.”


✎ The Matrimonial Sweepstakes — February 1910

The Man Up-stairs — March 1910

The Man, the Maid, and the Miasma — June 1910

“Rough-hew Them How We Will” — August 1910

Ten stories in the series Archie in America, later reworked into the novel Indiscretions of Archie:

✎ The Man Who Married a Hotel — May 1920

The Sausage Chappie — June 1920

Dear Old Squiffy — July 1920

Doing Father a Bit of Good — August 1920

Paving the Way for Mabel — September 1920

Washy Makes His Presence Felt — October 1920

(✎) A Bit of All Right — November 1920

First Aid for Loony Biddle — December 1920

“Mother’s Knee” — January 1921

The Wigmore Venus — February 1921

✎ Jeeves in the Springtime — December 1921

Bertie Gets Even — March 1922

Jeeves the Blighter — April 1922

Comrade Bingo — May 1922

The Great Sermon Handicap — June 1922

The Purity of the Turf — July 1922

Bertie Changes His Mind — August 1922

The Metropolitan Touch — September 1922

✎ Aunt Agatha Makes a Bloomer — October 1922

The Delayed Exit of Claude and Eustace — November 1922

Bingo and the Little Woman — December 1922

✎ Ukridge’s Dog College — April 1923

✎ Ukridge’s Accident Syndicate — May 1923

✎ The Début of Battling Billson — June 1923

✎ First Aid for Dora — July 1923

The Return of Battling Billson — August 1923

✎ Ukridge Sees Her Through — September 1923

✎ No Wedding Bells for Him — October 1923

✎ The Long Arm of Looney Coote — November 1923

✎ The Exit of Battling Billson — December 1923

Ukridge Rounds a Nasty Corner — January 1924

The Passing of Ambrose — August 1928

The Reverent Wooing of Archibald — September 1928

Company for Gertrude — October 1928


[Note: Thanks to Neil Midkiff for the text and images of these stories.]